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(With recognition of Academic Credits)


D.M.P Program(Decision Making Process)

How to get your direction in this world?

 Train yourself as soon as possible to process decisions in a flexible context, to open your mind while dismantling any red flags that are reducing your full speed, and orientate yourself for your studies and career path


Gap Year for Young Leaders – 6 months

With GY the Gap Year experience is part of your academic path

 Open and train your mind in a critical age and understanding what you want to do next in your life will allow you not to waste time and money, or worse, a life, in undertaking study and embrace professions that do not fit you. 

Award in Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Business English – 5 ECTS - (Accredited course)

With this program you have 2 options:

Take three weeks break from your comfort zone and have a GY experience in the middle of the Mediterranean, in the safe, English speaking, sunny and fun Malta;


Academic Programs

BBA in International Business Administration and Entrepreneurship

Why Choose this Bachelor?

1.You can graduate while working at your start-up – we allow students to work and study at the same time by converting in credits their professional accomplishments;

2.You will have tutors, professors and professionals helping you to develop your business idea

Employability Skills (10 online sessions)

“Why are Employability Skills Important”

By Simplilearn (

   “Today, the job market is more competitive in an altogether different sense and your education and experience may only be enough to qualify for a job but, to be successful in most roles you will need soft skills like communication,

Bachelor in Business with Specialization in Captain Yachting Management

Currently the program is pending accreditation from the National Commission for Further and Higher Education Institution


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