Bachelor’s in business with specialization in Captain Yachting Management

(The program is currently under accreditation by NCFHE)

Our Bachelor Degree in Business with Specialization in Captain Yachting Management is designed for the “entrepreneurial generation” who would desire to work in the Yachting sector or in other business related activities such as:

  • Ship Yards Manager;
  • Leisure Tourism;
  • Consultancy in the Maritime Sector;
  • Business or Economic Development, Business owner or operations; Project management,
  • Yacht Management; Business Development. Other positions include Pleasure CRAFT Management,
  • Operations supervisor, Operations coordinator, Security operations, Sales Manager.

Furthermore, entrepreneurial skills are valued in many occupations, if not all, and thereby this course will be of benefit to the future of all participating students.

Our partner in this adventure is NAVIGO – The largest network of nautical companies in Tuscany, one of the main in Europe.

*Currently the program is pending accreditation with the National Commission for Further and Higher Education. Once accredited, full details of the Bachelor will be available on our site.

Meanwhile if you want to register your interest in our program, feel free to contact us at info@gy.edu.mt and you will be notified via email on the opening of registrations and details of the course.