D.M.P (Decision Making Process)

This program is not accredited and therefore it does not provide academic credits

Please try to respond to this:


How do you see yourself in 15 years?

What is the lifestyle that you expect to have from the options that you are considering, or that you are about to engage?

Will the job that you like today still exist in 10 years?

What could be the impact of the job that you are considering in your “family project”?

Would you like to work for yourself or someone else?

Are you looking for a secured and forever job? Or you wish to have frequent turn over and changes?

Would you like a locally based or an international job

…..Now, consider this: a week has 168 hours, you, as average, sleep for 50 hours, work for 45 and stay awake for 73 hours. More than 50% of your time will be spent in your work environment: office, colleagues, boss, partners, anxiety, satisfactions… you invest the same amount of time during your study period….. 


…..Consider also this: the world is recently experiencing, more than before, accelerated changes: the jobs as you are knowing them are changing, the education is changing, your society is changing… but you still want the same that every generations fought for: a life well lived.

How this D.M.P Program will support you?


  1. You will have tools to self-assess your situation: your doubts, options, and potential. The M.P self-assessment will prepare you for the next phase as well as it will prepare the coach to better assist you during the sessions.
  1. You will then participate in a group interactive game/case scenario (format accurately studied by international professionals) where you will have an all-in experience on the complexity of the choice related to professional development (i.e. working as entrepreneur, diplomat, artisan, medical doctor, magistrate, data analyst, front-end developer, social media manager, manager, public officer, artists….).
  1. At the end of each scenario you will have the possibility to raise questions and directly interact with successful professionals and leaders, not otherwise accessible, but also with other professionals who tried but did not succeed. It is not important which professional category is selected for the session, since the focus is not to inform you on a specific profession but to train your decision-making process while facing a potential changing-life choice.
  1. The overall objective of this Programme is to make you live a disruptive experience where you will get rid of some fake certainties and where your self-awareness will be strengthened, and you will start feeling un-locked.

Which of the following format matches your needs and possibilities?

1. D.M.P Orientation Program  (Online 2.5 Hours)

If you are blocked in your thoughts and you are too busy to engage in a deeper experience, but you feel the need to “explore new pathways”, then you might wish to undertake a 2 .5 online session with GY professional and coach

 You will join a group of 14 youngster (groups: 16-19 of age; 19-25 of age) supported by a high qualified GY Coach: during this session the students will be working in 7 sub-groups, as well as in a plenary;

 The program is currently implemented in English or in Italian;

 Registration fee is 25 euro per person instead of 50 euros. This offer is valid until the 1st of June 2021

Certificate: you will receive a GY – Higher Education Institution, certificate of attendance. In case in the future you would like to register to other GY accredited courses, or complete the D.M.P programme, you can request, to the GY management, the recognition of the course undertaken.

2. D.M.P Orientation Flagship Program (Offline – 1 or 3 Days)

With this version of the program you will experience what does it means get out from your comfort zone and unlock your life. You will feel the spirit of a recognized life-changing experiences such as the Erasmus or gap year; this while remaining in your territory…

 This program takes place face to face and last from 1 day to maximum 3 days. It takes place in a selected environment so to maximize the impact;

 You will undertake dedicated sessions for gaming/scenario in a group supported by a high qualified GY Coaches and you will interact directly with professionals which succeed but also with whom did not succeed.

 The program is currently implemented in English or in Italian. For 1 day program the groups are from 35 till 45 participants, while for the 3 days program the groups envisaged between 21 to 35 participants. Groups are from age 16 to 19 or from 19 to 25;


Certificate: the participant will receive a GY certificate of attendance. In the future, if you would like to register to GY accredited courses. or complete the full DMP program, you can request to GY Academy Management the recognition of the course taken

Your mentor in this journey

If you are interested to register on any of the above programs, contact us via our page or via email at info@gy.edu.mt. as our team is here to support you and guide you for the best option for YOU!