Gap Year for young leaders

With GY the Gap Year experience is part of your academic path

  • While developing the Gap Year, GY will give you the possibility to receive 5 ECTS, level 5 for the part of the programme undertaken in Malta “Award in Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Business English”.


  • Once you have developed your Gap Year experience and in case you are interested in undertaking officially recognized academic courses with GY, you can apply and request to receive credit recognition (ECTS) in accordance with the GY Recognition of prior learning policy

Gap Year is a break, a constructive timeout between life stages called a year, but it can also be a shorter period. It is the time that a person spends outside his usual comfort zone, fully dedicated to personal and professional growth. Gap Year is about travelling, volunteering, working and learning abroad. It is about deepening a person’s passions and thinking outside the box.

A gap year is about living life to its fullest 

Why should you decide for a Gap Year Experience?


Open and train your mind in a critical age and understanding what you want to do next in your life will allow you not to waste time and money, or worse, a life, in undertaking study and embrace professions that do not fit you. It is widely recognized and proved that who had this kind of experience had better results in their life.

When to take a Gap Year with GY Academy – Higher Education Institution?


You take a gap year before entering and choosing a bachelor, during your Bachelor or just between your bachelor and your master

Where you will go?




Attending the GY innovative course “Award in Entrepreneurship, Leadership and business English” (gaining 5 ECTS, level 5) … what else… English, diving, sailing, beaches, parties, sunsets and dawns with new friends, in one of the most safe and dynamic places in Europe.



We train young leaders mind to improve learning capabilities with meditation, mindfulness….. what else… cultural heritage, Indian universities campus exposure, NGO’s environmental based and social related, nature, adventures and wellness;

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to open young leaders’ minds to one of the most futuristic cities and exposed to one of the oldest cultures by living in one of the most selective and beautiful University Campuses in China, the Campus of the Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, attending preferred classes of Chinese culture, basic Chinese language and International Relations while living Shanghai to the fullest.

What will you gain by having this experience?

You focus on what you really want to do in your life, and you will save time from taking a wrong path or making wrong decisions. You will gain:

  • Increased self-confidence;
  • Improve decision making processes;
  • Highly requested employability skills;
  • Languages;
  • Academic credits valid in Europe (ECTS) with recognition in 30 commonwealth countries for part of your experience;
  • Mental resilience;
  • Open and international mind;
  • Train your mind to be innovative;
  • Focus on life well lived;
  • International friendships and professional, academic network;
  • Mental training for a faster learning;

Gap Year of Young leaders is dedicated to selected students that will live a one life time experience designed to train their minds, their senses, to balance their wishes with existing challenges ready to jump into a professional life as leaders of the future. This while enjoying the energy of their age.

GY Learning, Travel and Logistics

GY Academy international academic and professional high-level network will support the students during the whole period. Our young leaders will have the chance to interact with business executives, political leaders, social innovators and academic professors while enjoying the travelling and learning experience.

GY considers safety as its priority.

In addition to organize contents and activities, GY, through its network of selected partners will take care of the following logistic aspects:

  • Accommodations during the whole period;
  • Tutors in each location of the Gap year;
  • Visa assistance ( the documentation has to be completed and presented by the individuals);
  • Travels.


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