Francesco Aimi – Full Professor of Business strategy, Management and Entrepreneurship

He is a Scientific Director of the bachelor’s in international business administration and entrepreneurship;
He is a Luxury and Management Consultant and an important reference in the field of luxury training and corporate organizational models. He is passionate about innovation, management, creativity and everything that can be considered a challenge

Rocco Palma 2

Rocco Palma - Full Professor of Law and Commercial International Law

Graduated in law ‘summa cum laude’ in 1998 at the University of ‘La Sapienza’, Pisa, Italy.
PhD in International Trade Law in 2005 with a dissertation on European and International protection of geographical indications. From 2001 to date, holding seminars on International trade law, including on International Investment Law, WTO law and Intellectual Property law, with a particular focus on fragmentation of International Law and conflicts between International economic law and human rights/environmental law
From 2008, Officer at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, dealing mainly with EU affairs, multilateral and legal issues.


Glenda Cappello – Associated Professor of Pedagogy and Orientation

Pedagogist and Educator, she is a life trainer experienced in young and adult orientation. She is expert in relationship dynamics with a systemic educational approach, working as university lecturer and researcher as well as educator in social organizations. She is also very active in the sports environment (she is the Pedagogist of the Federal School of the Automobile Club Italia, the Italian National Motor-Sport Authority). She is author of several publications and public talks with international scope.


Lucio Tonello – Full professor of Neuroscience

Lecturer and researcher, he worked in various European Universities and Research Institutions. His main topics are related to Neuroscience and relevant analytical and theoretical models (e.g. in the Neuropsychiatric field: Affective Disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorders) as well as Behavioral Science. He is author of more than 150 scientific publications and invited speaker in several international meetings.

Clive Cusens

Clive Cusens’

His first proper job was in language teaching but after his Masters studies, he started on a new career path in the European Union institutions in Brussels. In particular, he worked in the European Economic and Social Committee (in the External Relations section), and later in the European Parliament. He later went on to work as a diplomat at the Permanent Representation of Malta to the European Union, where he negotiated in Working Groups of the Council of the European Union on behalf of the Maltese government. Eventually, his passion for teaching was too strong to contain, however, and Clive decided to start his own business, Eloquent Language, which delivers corporate training in soft-skills related areas. Clive has helped high-profile clients (including European and national politicians, CEOs, and other VIPs) from all over Europe to improve the way they communicate effectively, negotiate and present themselves to an audience. He holds an MA in EU International Relations & Diplomacy Studies from the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium, and a BA(Hons) in International Relations & Communications Studies from the University of Malta.