Malta is a safe, sunny, English speaking country in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea. Surrounded by crystal clear waters and blessed with sunny days most of the year, Malta is one of the top destinations for people worldwide. Also, Malta is known for having one of the lowest crime rates in Europe, making it a safe learning environment for learners of all ages..


Housing in Malta

When it comes to housing, students usually choose one of the following options:

Renting a flat which should cost around €750 in fixed expenses depending on the location;

Find a position as a paying guest in a local house, which should cost about €450;

Getting a room at a residence for students, with an average cost around €250;

Some students also choose using hostels as their primary residence, to save money;


Life on the Island

Malta can boast of a good quality of life thanks to its sunny climate and the variety of outdoor and sea sports activities.

Nightlife revolves around dining, wine bars, and nightclubs. The most famous places are Paceville, St Julians, Sliema and Valletta.

Social life in Malta is very active as one can find events happening all year round from jazz, opera and rock festivals to dance shows, art exhibitions, plays, museums, and much more.


Language in Malta

Malta has two official languages: English and Maltese but due to its geographical proximity to Italy (5h with the ferries from Malta to Sicily), more than half of the population speaks Italian.

The majority of TV broadcasts are either in English, Maltese, and Italian. The majority of websites are written in English and our programs are exclusively delivered in the English language.