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Hi and Welcome to GY Academy HEI, an innovative, international hub of learning, dedicated to creating unique learning experiences for students (Yes, we know, you heard it all before, but just hang in there and keep reading) How is that possible? Well each of our programs (long term or short term, accredited or not accredited) is future oriented and specifically developed and implemented in participation with an international network of collaborators, academics and business innovators who contributed and shared with us the key knowledge, skills, and mindsets that allowed them to reach success not just career wise but on day to day basis as well.

GY Academy is built on the vision that education needs to change, evolve, and prepare the students for the future that today looks so uncertain and yet so full of new opportunities  and that is why traditional education,  (sitting hours in a classroom and listening )is not sufficient anymore to prepare the students for the world of tomorrow and for a life well lived.


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GY Academy HEI is a Higher Education Institution (License number 2019 – 005) accredited by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education Institution , in Malta, qualified to issue European valid Degree Courses from MQF Level 5 to Level 8 according to the European Higher Education System. Furthermore, the degrees obtained with GY Academy have facility of recognition in 30 Commonwealth countries as well.